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Premium Wax Ribbon NC112

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Wax ribbons are the most common TTR, but NC112 is very different because of its Excellent Durability and Versatility. If you need very high quality Premium Wax, NC112 will be your best right choice. It prints highly durable and very beautiful images on all kinds of necessary substrates for wax ribbon. NC112 will give you everything of your expecting from a Premium Wax Plus, and more important, it is far more competitive than any other Premium Wax.


Performance characteristics

Excellent durability

Excellent versatility

Outstanding printing quality

Low printing energy

High speed printing (up to 12 ips)

Perfect rotated barcode printing at high speed

Up to 60℃/140℉ heat resistance

Superior back coating extends print life to 3+ million linear inches.

Recommended Substrates

Paper & Tags: Coated & Uncoated & Gloss, Flood Coated Paper

Synthetic films: Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Polypropylene, BOPP

Recommended Applications

General Purpose Printing

Shipping, Box, & Production Labeling


Shelf Labeling

Retail Tags

Ingredient Labels

Print & Apply Applications

Compliance Labeling




Flexible Packing

Pharmaceutical, Medical, & Healthcare