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Hot Stamp Foil (Ribbon) - For Date-Coding

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  Hot Stamping Foil (Ribbon) - For Date Coding, also named Coding Foil or Hot Foil, working with Hot Stamp Printer, is used to print Batch No.&Mfg. / EXP.Date information onto the flexible packages of Food,Beverage,Milk-Bag, Medicine products,etc. 

  In order to meet the market requirement from different customers, our company develops 4 different types of Hot Stamp Foil (Ribbon) including NCI、KV、SCF900、SCF910.Our product could be used on printing onto labels and plastic bags/films with excellent printing performance, such as quick-drying, high temperature resistance, high legible & clear printing, boiling and sterilization resistance, strong adhesivity, excellent resistance to friction, easy to use, excellent abrasion resistance, high oil and water resistance, apply for high speed bottle-labeling machine.